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Time for a website update!

A very long time over due! For the past few months I have been focusing all my efforts on setting up my new company TasteBudds, a food focused video production company (official launch mid- Aug 2018).

I have a lot more to finish, with the website, the marketing, staying on top of finances, as well as, networking and working out a social media campaign, to mention just a few... and i'll be honest its pretty much the first time visiting most of these avenues on a professional level. with a fairly small budget to get TasteBudds off the ground i'm having to focus on all aspects of the business and this can sometimes be a tad over whelming. Sometimes there are so many metaphorical hat changes in a day I get a chaffed forehead and other times it 100% completely exhilarating.

I thought i'd start writing a blog post now and again to explain some of my experiences and obstacles as i'm hurdling through the personally unknown world of a business start up. My old site really did need a major update before that was possible, so here it is...

(if your looking for a site yourself Wix has been super simple and completely user friendly... a refreshing change after gruellingly plodding through wordpress with the TasteBudds site)

Side note - I'll be straight up with you from the go, i'm dyslexic, so if the grammar or spelling seem a little off, they 100% will be!.. not sure if I should apologise in advance or not, but we all know a grammar snob or two.

So thanks for popping over to read about what i'm up to, i promise that in the not to distant future I will be alot less secretive about TasteBudds, I hope to be bringing out some of our own food based content as well as working with food based clients to produce them videos that will help tell their stories and to help spread their messages via video.

Thanks for reading,



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